[chandler-users] [Sum] Tasks and Stars - Next Steps

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue May 20 12:25:58 PDT 2008


There have been several discussions on this List and Chandler-Dev  
concerning the Task/Star Label. I'd like to take this opportunity to  
summarize the main points and outline next steps.

1. We've heard from a number of users on the list that the Task Stamp  
is sorely missed and that the Star stamp does not satisfy the same  
user need. (It's always nice to hear that a feature was liked and used!)

2. My next design project is to revive and update a proposal for  
extending the range of Item Kinds in Chandler to re-instate Tasks and  
add a Reference Kind, and an extremely basic notion of Contacts. This  
will be a good opportunity for us to re-examine the Task Stamp (how  
can it be improved?!**) as well as discuss simple things we can do to  
make basic, yet useful Reference and Contacts Kinds.

(**My theory about why the Task Stamp was confusing for some people  
is that it simply didn't *do* enough to merit use. The same could be  
said for why in PIMs, features like Flagging and Starring are more  
widely used than Todo Lists.)

3. We have also discussed making a "Task" parcel available in the  
short-term as a temporary stop-gap measure while we sort out a more  
coherent story for customizing and extending Item Kinds.

4. Finally, please believe when I say that we remain focused on users  
who will be *heavy* users of Chandler and are trying our best to  
balance competing user needs.

I will be following up with a more detailed blog post on this issue.


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