[chandler-users] Tasks with Start/End <--> Chandler Starred Events

Andre Mueninghoff andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm
Mon May 19 16:27:16 PDT 2008

Mimi Yin wrote:
> To reframe the question: If you create a Starred - Event on the 
> Calendar. Would you prefer that it showed up on your Calendar in 
> Lightening or as a Task with a Start and End date?

The only reason I would star-stamp an Event is to indicate that there is 
a task component for me in the notes section of the Chandler item. I do 
not think about this item as a "Starred - Event on the Calendar". Rather 
I think about it as an Event that is also stamped as a Task. Were I to 
think about a Starred-Event as a some kind of differentiated Event item, 
I would be left with having no idea what or where my task items are in 

If the Star stamp had been added to the choices for stamps instead of 
having replaced the Task stamp, I would possibly have some use for the 
Star stamp as a way to indicate some level of heightened priority or 
urgency. If this were the case, I could envision having both 
Starred-Events and Starred-Tasks, and, for that matter, 
Starred-Events-Tasks. In such a configuration, a possibility for a GTD 
implementation might be to use the Star stamp to indicate one's Hard 
Landscape (must-do items for today).

I believe I agree with a significant portion, or at least a vocal 
portion, of the Chandler user base that the Star-stamp in Chandler is 
merely a visual change, in spite apparently of the well-intentioned 
goals of the design team. The semantics have remained the same, for me 
anyway. The Star icon replaced the Check-Mark icon that was previously 
the representation for the Task stamp. In this regard, it is impractical 
to not veer the discussion back towards the issue of the Task versus the 
Star, which is a different, albeit highly related and critical issue 
that, in my opinion, will have an large impact on the long-term 
viability of Chandler.


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