[chandler-users] Regarding the brazillian portuguese translation

Fulvio Corno fulvio.corno at polito.it
Fri May 16 01:24:25 PDT 2008

Dear Brian,

Brian Kirsch wrote:
> The & is for mnemonic keyboard shortcuts. The character after the & is 
> what is used for the 
> shortcut ie. &Save would be ctrl-s on Windows. There is no perfect 
> science with mnemonics. 
> Just choose the character that closest matches the intent of the 
> action for the pt_BR locale.
Some time ago I started working on the Italian localization, and 
keyboard shortcuts were difficult to choose.
Basically, if a function is already available on other applications 
(e.g., Office products), I tried to use the same translation and the 
same shortcut. Otherwise, I tried to re-use the English shortcut (to 
ease documentation, for example).

However, one problem that I couldn't resolve is how to avoid ambiguities.
In translating strings, you don't know where these strings appear: how 
to avoid that two different entries in the same menu have the same 
shortcut? or that a global shortcut (eg. Ctrl-T for Today) conflicts 
with other functions?

Do you have any guidelines?

Best regards

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