[chandler-users] iGoogle gadget does not work

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Tue May 13 11:36:50 PDT 2008

Hi Marcelo,

> For some strange reason, it didn't work with FF3b5, I removed FF3b5 and 
> installed FF2, works like a charm.

Odd that you had problems but others didn't.  I'm going to hold off on 
looking more deeply into that until FF3 is actually released, though, I 

> I wonder if it could be implemented as a tomboy plugin or some other 
> extension for the Gnome desktop (or KDE) ? It would be nice if you could 
> have this same gadget with a keyboard shortcut configured. Press the 
> shortcut, collect, <enter> (or esc or alt+f4) and you're done to process 
> the info later either via Chandler desktop or Chandler Hub.
> Maybe the Google gadgets engine could be used? Is it available for *nix 
> OSes?

The Quick Entry widget's UI and network details are all written in 
Javascript, there are about 8 lines of Google specific additions to 
speed things up on Google, but it's not Google specific.

It seems like various platforms (OS X, Vista, I don't know in the Linux 
world) have Konfabulator-like widget systems, it should be fairly simple 
to get widgets working on these platforms if their Javascript engine and 
presentation layers are sufficiently similar to a browser's.

Getting things working with something like Tomboy would be possible, but 
a little more challenging, since Tomboy wants to manage the full 
life-cycle of a note (create, edit, find), not just create a note.


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