[chandler-users] Keyboard Shortcut Conflict in OS X

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Mon May 5 09:52:37 PDT 2008

Hi James,

> I've been using Chandler for the past week or so and I've run into two 
> Chandler keyboard shortcuts that conflict with shortcut keys, one is 
> mac-specific while the other is more general.
> 1) Shift-Option-Arrow Key (Left or Right) is used to select text by word 
> break.  In Chandler this keystroke is mapped to "Next Calendar Day".

We've actually changed the keyboard shortcuts for next/previous date 
several times now, in an attempt to not conflict with selection 
shortcuts.  As it happens, I was bit by our previous shortcuts 
(ctrl+arrow) on Windows, and now that I've switched to a Mac I get bit 
by the new ones.

I'm not entirely sure why we've tried to stay with consistent shortcuts 
between Mac and Windows; probably the right thing to do would be to use 
ctrl+arrow on Mac and alt+arrow on Windows/Linux.

> 2) Tab from within the task note-taking text area moves to the tags text 
> box instead of inserting a tab character into the notes.

This one hasn't bothered me much, I'm so used to this behavior in the 
browser.  But I can see an argument for having tab insert whitespace 
instead of change focus for the body field.


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