[chandler-users] Notifications

Rick Rawson rer1 at cornell.edu
Mon May 5 05:41:18 PDT 2008

I concur with Benjamin's notification requests, copied below. In 
addition, THE most frustrating part about the current reminder mechanism 
is that it works against a fundamental Chandler strategy of "set it and 
forget it".

This morning the reminder box popped up with two items in it, both of 
which I had created several months ago, and subsequently forgot about, 
on purpose! When the reminders popped up this morning, I had to search 
through all eight of my collections to find each item. One of the items 
was "Answer this question". The reminder box provides no clues as to 
where an item resides or it's associated date. One solution might be to 
include more information in the item title (or whatever it's called) 
when I create it, but this requires that I give serious thought to every 
item I create, something that militates against a "brainstorming, 
quick-entry" approach. The better solution would be to make items in the 
reminder popup clickable, such that when I click on an item, I'm taken 
to that item in the appropriate collection.


> 1. I'd like the ability to sleep notifications for a
> user defined period of time.  Clicking on "remind me
> tomorrow" or "remind me in an hour" or what have you
> when the alarm message pops up would be far more
> useful that the current sleep setting.  Ideally, this
> would have the effect of automatically resetting the
> tickle alarm for the specified date/time.
> 2. The ability to output a task list to .txt or print
> it would be great.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to
> write a macro to print a task list that includes all
> the records that meet particular criteria.  This is
> relevant to the notifications debate because I would
> like to be able to print / output to .txt everything
> that has a tickle date of today / this week / this
> semester, as another user has suggested.  The reason
> for the .txt output is because it would simplify
> uploading to my palm.
> 3. I'd like to be able to associate sounds to given
> tickle alarms.  In other words, should a tickle be set
> on my "priority" collection, I'd love the computer to
> play "the imperial march" or something equally ominous
> - the computer equivalent of saying "Hey you! Pay
> attention to me! This is important!"
> er-users

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