[chandler-users] Email in Chandler Mail and Chandler Task folders not working?

William K. Volkman wkvchandler at netshark.com
Tue Jun 24 23:35:02 PDT 2008

Hi Mimi,
On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 22:14, Mimi Yin wrote: 
> Hi William,
> I have a handful of emails in Chandler IMAP folders, but haven't
> experienced any problems. Sounds like there's a bug, but might be
> buried underneath the particular circumstances of your repository. I
> have logged a bug
> here: https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12192
> If you're comfortable with it, it would help Grant if you could give
> him your log. (If you go to Tools>>Logging>Log Window... you can see
> the file directory path to where your log lives.) The logs are broken
> up into multiple files over time, so be sure to submit a log for the
> relevant time period.

Sorry, I noticed that it has some entries with sensitive information in
it.  If there is some specific information that you want I can try to
provide that.

> To summarize your problem for the bug, is this accurate:
> 1. You upgraded to 0.7.7 (from 0.7.6?)
> 2. New messages in your IMAP folders weren't being downloaded.
> 3. You forced an "Email Sync" by right-clicking on the In-collection.
> 4. All your messages (old and new) were re-downloaded as dupes.
> 5. You reloaded your original .chex file from before the dupes were
> downloaded.
> 6. You moved the old messages from the Chandler IMAP folders (in your
> email client).
> 7. You tried Syncing again by clicking "Sync" in the toolbar. Chandler
> appeared to be scanning your Inbox and downloaded 1 message. But it
> should have downloaded 30 messages. Right-clicking on In to "Sync
> Mail" didn't do anything.

This is correct, you've a talent for summarizing things succinctly.

> A couple of questions for you:
> Q. Did you ever get any error messages in Chandler? Timeout errors
> perhaps? (We've seen this happening recently.)

The was an error message about the server certificate, we use self
signed certificates and the latest one has an email address instead of
server name and OpenSSL (M2Crypto) complains.  There aren't timeouts
happening.  It used to plod along a bit and take a minute or more.
However, before the chandler upgrade, I enabled server indexing on the
IMAP server and now it shows a progress bar for all 22K email messages
in about 10 seconds.

> Q. What email client are you using?

I actually use multiple clients, Evolution, Thunderbird, and
Sylpheed-Claws are the top three.  One day when I don't have all these
other interesting projects to do I'll combine the features that I
utilize into one client.

> Q. Your IMAP folders are on an Exchange server by any chance are they?

No the mail server is Cyrus-IMAP, version 2.3.11.

> Q. What platform / OS are you on?

Running on up to date Fedora 7 i386 system (Fedora 8 and 9 are unstable
with our applications so we're pausing a bit).  I did have to copy
libexpat.so.1 from Fedora 8 and put it in the release/lib directory.

Note for packaging: if you included libexpat.so.1 as part of your
release package your application could run on slightly less bleeding
edge Linux releases.


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