[chandler-users] Web Page Integration

Matthew Bollwitt mbollwitt at campcourageous.org
Tue Jul 29 07:44:21 PDT 2008

Now that I have calendars working for our organization (working  
great, btw... Chandler is well appreciated here) my next goal is to  
get one of the calendars integrated into our web site.  Minimally,  
I'd like to get the next 3-4 items that are coming up to be displayed  
on our web page.  Is there a CalDAV to HTML hook that one could use?

Has anyone tried this?  Curious as to how difficult this may be.  If  
it worked well, I'd be able to allow multiple people to control what  
gets published rather than everyone depending on one person to keep a  
calendar updated manually.


Matt Bollwitt
IT Director, Camp Courageous of Iowa

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