[chandler-users] Can't subscribe to any new user due to forbidden

Randy Letness randy at osafoundation.org
Thu Feb 21 07:54:08 PST 2008

Alexander Reichstadt wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded the latest Chandler Server release. I then logged in with 
> Safari bundled with Leopard using the root/cosmo account. Then I 
> created a new account. I copied the URL in the "Other..." section and 
> subscribed using sunbird with that. I can delete that first account 
> and resubscribe in Sunbird to it as often as I want, it always works.
> But for any other user account I created and in both ways, creating a 
> new acount whil being logged in as root as well as the user creating 
> the account directly, since then same steps do not work. I can create 
> new users, I can log in using the webinterface, but it's impossible to 
> share because in any of the sharing features I get the 403 - Forbidden 
> message for all but the first accounts. This is the case for trying to 
> download the ics file, for subscribing with the URL using iCal, 
> Sunbird or anything else.
> Any idea what the problem is??

When you enter the URL into Sunbird, does Sunbird prompt you for 
username/password?  I've seen some instances where Sunbird caches the 
username/password based on server address.


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