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Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Fri Feb 15 15:47:05 PST 2008

Hi Michael,

Mimi has answered Rick's initial question, and I'm sure she and others 
will be happy to answer follow up questions.

Your message here doesn't seem to contribute much to the discussion 
beyond being sarcastic and insulting. That tone is not welcome on this list.

This list is a forum for users who are sincerely interested in the 
project to ask questions, report bugs, offer feedback, and generally get 
and offer help. Those of us actively developing Chandler are quite 
willing to listen to critiques and be thoughtful about improving the 

Did you have something constructive to say? Are you using the product, 
or interested in using the product?


Michael Ax wrote:
> Rick - I'm brand new to all this and I'd like to rephrase your question 
> and ask it myself. I know that putting words into other people's mouth 
> is a killing offense and I don't want to be doing that; So here's my 
> take on it:
> the point of it is that you are to be confused about what buckets you 
> filed anything into. once you're confused you can dream up schemes to 
> name your items and because your now spending more time 'planning', get 
> to request a larger budget for an assistant.
> If the tabs related to an item would simply light up when you're on that 
> item confusion would be lessened; If you would have visual clues on your 
> items being in multiple buckets/timelines then your confusion would be 
> lessened. This however would apply downward pressure on your budget, 
> make your screens easier to understand, and it might mean the end of 
> relating with that lovely helper.
> I've filed several hundred items into chandler over the last 2 weeks and 
> am doing my best to love this program for all the problems created by 
> its noob implementors. It a long term gamble on my part actually. I 
> trust that what I have will work when the money is gone AND that once 
> that happens a group can take the brilliant guts of it and port this 
> thing to JavaScript on the Mozilla Framework over the course of a couple 
> of months.
> I'm still only 2 weeks into sorting through an insane amount of tasks 
> and timelines and love the little dog for what how its brilliantly 
> effective in my work-flow, but looking at the code, I see the noob 
> prose, not the marks of folks that can get sh* out the door with ease. 
> Its a Rock/Hard-Place thing.
> Anyway, do pardon my descent into rambling. Perhaps someone else will 
> pipe-in and enlighten us both about how to properly behold the 
> awesomeness in front of us.
> All the best,
> Michael Ax
> Rick Rawson wrote:
>> I suspect that I may be missing an important functionality in 
>> Chandler: the Dashboard. I have 7 collections and have set each one to 
>> "Keep out of Dashboard," since I see no utility in seeing my
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