[chandler-users] Question about read only access to webdav version of caldav collection in cosmo

Luka Bodrozic lbodrozic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 09:21:17 PST 2008


I have a question about publishing and sharing collections. I did some  
searching and couldn't find the answer. Pardon if this question has  
already been asked.

I am using ical 3.0 to connect to the chandler hub. That works fine,  
and I'm quite happy on that end.

My fiancee is using ical 2.0. I have successfully gotten her  
subscribed to one of my caldav collections (using the info button on  
the hub's web interface, and selecting ical from the dropdown). To do  
this though, she needs to know my account password on the hub. Fine  
for her, but I recently wanted to share a different collection with a  
person with whom I don't care to share my hub password.

I tried selecting the collection in question in the hub's account  
browser and creating a read only ticket, but the dav link that results  
is not in a format that ical can parse.

Is there a way for me to get a read only, ical friendly, subscribable,  
webdav ics link for a caldav collection? Seems it's really close, as I  
can do all of that (except the read only part) from the hub currently.  
Am I missing something?


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