[chandler-users] Recurring items: distinguish between master and instances

Keith Winsor kjwstuff at btopenworld.com
Sat Dec 6 16:48:22 PST 2008

Fritz Meissner wrote:
> My only problem with the popup is that it appears too often - it 
> should let you make all your changes before it comes up. Given that 
> Chandler does not have an explicit save or OK button (which is a 
> pretty fundamental part of the UI design), I'm not sure how it could 
> tell when one is done with changes, which is presumably why it behaves 
> as it does.
> Fritz

You can actually continue to edit the item after the popup has appeared,
then just choose the appropriate response after you've made all the
changes you require. It's not a normal way of doing things, but it works!


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