[chandler-users] Desktop: Can't publish collection

Keith Winsor kjwstuff at btopenworld.com
Sat Aug 30 05:40:58 PDT 2008

Grant Baillie wrote:
> Hi, Keith
> I would export your data to a .chex file and reload it. The repository 
> appears to have some weird data in the history of one of your items, 
> and reloading it should flush the history and clear that up.
> --Grant
> PS: I'll take a look at the single item not syncing issue, too.
> PPS: As you noticed, upgrading Chandler on Windows doesn't change the 
> name of the installation directory. I'm not au courant enough with 
> Windows installer scripts to know how to fix that :(.
> On 29 Aug, 2008, at 17:18, Keith Winsor wrote:
>> Win XP, Chandler desktop 1.0.
>> I have eleven collections shared via Chandler hub. I've created 
>> another collection but whenever I try to publish it I get the 
>> following traceback:
>> Traceback: <class 'chandlerdb.persistence.c.DBError'>: (14, 'Bad 
>> address') ...Blah blah blah
>> The other collections still sync happily, so it doesn't seem to be a 
>> connection issue. Can anyone offer any suggestions, please?

Thanks, Grant. Exported and reloaded - all now working fine.

Just deleted the sample data again,  *sigh*  ;-)


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