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Fritz Meissner meissner.fritz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 14:50:26 PDT 2008

I'm not sure what features you particularly want, but I frequent two forums
quite a lot : one is Windows hosted and uses dotNetBB, the other is the
Ubuntu user forum which uses vBulletin (cross-platform using PHP and MySQL).
The Ubuntu forum is very heavy traffic, and vBulletin seems to cope fine and
offer just about every feature I can think of (including tagging). dotNetBB
has most things, but the search function is really dysfunctional. Both of
these are commercial software, although the price of vBulletin is pretty
nominal. dotNetBB hasn't had an update in quite a long time AFAIK; it was a
one man show, which has now been sold to another company, so there may be
more development happening in future.

The fact that the Ubuntu people have not gone for  FOSS for their forums,
makes me suspect that there isn't a capable FOSS option for this - I assume
they would have gone that route if possible.


2008/8/28 Mimi Yin <mimi at osafoundation.org>

> We are finally getting around to setting up a Web Forum. (Woohoo!) While
> rooting around looking for different solutions, I came across Tangler, a web
> forum that supports discussion threads *and* live chat. Tangler also hosts
> the web forum and allows you to embed the forum in your own site, which
> would make the whole thing more feasible as far as set up and maintenance
> are concerned.
> Does anyone else have any recommendations? Examples of web forums you felt
> were especially well done? Tangler doesn't seem to have any way to
> categorize or tag topics which would be nice given the rate at which we
> accumulate content. It supports search, but I don't know how well it works.
> http://www.tangler.com/
> Here's an example web forum: http://www.tangler.com/forum/weewar/
> topic/21808#
> Mimi
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