[chandler-users] Launchy integration trick -

yaakov sabal yaakov.sabal at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 03:35:42 PDT 2008


I found a way to add quick note to chandler using launchy,
It is based on
and I installed sendemail - a command line linux/windows app

then create a gmail filter -
from:myemail+task at gmail.com<from%3Amyemail%2Btask at gmail.com>
=> then add filter INBOX/ Chandler Mail

>> Then create in C:\program files\launchy\utilities - a file called
task.bat with:

@echo off
sendemail -xu username -xp password -s smtp.yourserver.net -f
task at chandler.com -t myemail+task at gmail.com <myemail%2Btask at gmail.com> -u
"%*" -m "chandler" -q

And that's it.
I guess you can something similar with quicksilver / bash script / any lego
I let the task to someone to make a nice tutorial from this stuff.

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