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Fritz Meissner meissner.fritz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 11:30:15 PDT 2008

Mimi, I think it would be good if users got involved in the documentation
because the feeling I get from what exists is that what is presently on the
website was generated by people who were so deep into Chandler already that
they cannot explain it at the level needed by those who are seeing it for
the first time. I think the first thing needed is a glossary of
Chandler-speak : words like collection, note, sync, subscribe, publish, star
item and so on need to be explained. Second thing is a description of what
is on the screen and what it means; I must admit that you have done a pretty
good job of making most things explain themselves, but there is a lot of
detail on that screen and one is only half-using Chandler if one doesn't
understand all of it (I think - I'm still getting there myself).

I also think that the relationship between Chandler client, hub and server
needs to be very clearly explained - I had to read it a number of times
before I followed. When one comes to the home page for the first time, the
big green download button is nice, but then immediately below it is "Share
and back up with Chandler hub" which kind of makes one think that one is
downloading Chandler hub and that signing up is necessary for using
Chandler. This may be off-putting for people who just want to experiment
without giving away any info.


After that, pretty much as Mike suggested.


2008/8/21 Mike Finley <finley1 at gmail.com>

> Along those lines, yes.
> I would suggest the first topic be getting started (very basic) -
> Basic concepts (from "getting started" section)
> Add a note
> - convert to task/event
> - add alarms, stars, etc. (show that adding alarm will convert later to
> now)
> Add an event
> - convert to recurring event
> - add note template
> Search for item by keyword
> Add notes/events/tasks to collections
> Add a new collection
> Views (and why)
> - dashboard
> - calendar
> - starred
> Triage
> That basic - I may be slow, but it took me a couple hours or more to get
> these basics down. In this order too. Get them to use it first, and then
> explain some more concepts. There is a lot of information on the screen and
> it takes a while to get situated. If you could shortcut that process, you'd
> increase adoption.
> Regards,
> Mike
> On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 2:57 PM, Mimi Yin <mimi at osafoundation.org> wrote:
>> (*Mike: *Right now, Hub doesn't have a cross-collection Dashboard view.)
>> Mike and Fritz,
>> Thank you for your offers to help out with documentation. This is an area
>> we really hope to get user input on. I will noodle on a framework we can set
>> up on the wiki ( I imagine I will be coming to the list for ideas tho.)
>> Of the top of my head I can think of the following topics:
>> - Importing data
>> -- Importing calendars and tasks
>> -- Subscribing to calendars you have on other services (Google Calendar)
>> -- Setting up Chandler IMAP folders
>> - Collecting notes into Chandler. (Quick Entry)
>> - Setting up Collections to organize your notes. (Showcase a few different
>> setups.)
>> -- Just simple Home versus Work
>> -- More complicated setups around Projects & Topic Categories
>> -- GTD-style
>> - Processing notes.
>> -- Triage and Adding custom tickler alarms.
>> -- Stamping (Starring, Adding things to the calendar.)
>> - Back-up and Syncing
>> -- Publish and Subscribe
>> -- Syncing across multiple computers
>> -- Accessing your data from the web.
>> -- Mobile access.
>> - Sharing
>> -- Sharing items through Email.
>> -- Sharing with others.
>> -- Subscribing.
>> Mimi
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>> *From: *"Mike Finley" <finley1 at gmail.com>
>> *Subject: **Re: [chandler-users] User guide*
>> I'll try to think of some ideas and send you some ideas.
>> *BTW, is there a way to get a unified dashboard view in the hub?
>> *
>> Regards,
>> Mike
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>> *From: *"Fritz Meissner" <meissner.fritz at gmail.com>
>> *Subject: **Re: [chandler-users] User guide*
>> Possibly this could be started by putting the section headings into the
>> wiki and then letting us users fill in the info as we have time, with the
>> team checking and correcting details.
>> Fritz
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