[chandler-users] more timezones info

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Tue Aug 19 11:01:41 PDT 2008

Hi, Paul

I agree US/Eastern and America/New_York are supposed to be the same  
timezone (with US/Eastern being somewhat deprecated). What operating  
system are you running? It's possible the timezone we get back from  
the operating system is called "US/Eastern" but differs in some subtle  
way from the "standard" US/Eastern (e.g. hasn't been updated for the  
daylight savings changes a year or two ago).


On 19 Aug, 2008, at 08:14, Paul Mattal wrote:

> Grant Baillie wrote:
>> Hi, Paul
>> #3 is a known issue, and I'm guessing #1 is happening because  
>> Chandler is resetting your timezone to what the operating system  
>> reports. I'm a little confused, though -- how is US/Eastern  
>> different from America/New York?
> Thanks, Grant, for your help diagnosing.
> I don't believe that US/Eastern and America/New York are different--  
> both should be GMT-5 during regular time and GMT-4 during daylight  
> saving time.
> However, I had some problems early on where I think I had mixed  
> them.. one of my clients was set differently than the other two.
> At any rate, I can't seem to determine the set of circumstances in  
> which Chandler just displays the time in local time and the set of  
> circumstances in which it displays the Time-1h GMT-5:00. I was  
> excited this morning when I noticed that it seemed to happen at the  
> same time as the DB reload. Maybe the dump saves items in a  
> particular timezone and doesn't keep track of the timezone in which  
> they were created? So when they get reloaded they might show up  
> differently?
> It sounds like I'm going to need to create a test server and client  
> and really try a sequence of simple experiments to tease out this  
> bad behavior.
> - P
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