[chandler-users] more timezones info

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Tue Aug 19 08:14:14 PDT 2008

Grant Baillie wrote:
> Hi, Paul
> #3 is a known issue, and I'm guessing #1 is happening because Chandler 
> is resetting your timezone to what the operating system reports. I'm a 
> little confused, though -- how is US/Eastern different from America/New 
> York?

Thanks, Grant, for your help diagnosing.

I don't believe that US/Eastern and America/New York are different-- 
both should be GMT-5 during regular time and GMT-4 during daylight 
saving time.

However, I had some problems early on where I think I had mixed 
them.. one of my clients was set differently than the other two.

At any rate, I can't seem to determine the set of circumstances in 
which Chandler just displays the time in local time and the set of 
circumstances in which it displays the Time-1h GMT-5:00. I was 
excited this morning when I noticed that it seemed to happen at the 
same time as the DB reload. Maybe the dump saves items in a 
particular timezone and doesn't keep track of the timezone in which 
they were created? So when they get reloaded they might show up 

It sounds like I'm going to need to create a test server and client 
and really try a sequence of simple experiments to tease out this 
bad behavior.

- P

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