[chandler-users] Delete outgoing mail from Out category

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue Aug 19 04:58:18 PDT 2008

Thanks Jason, I've logged a bug to track this: https:// 


On Aug 18, 2008, at 4:10 PM, Jason Lillywhite wrote:

> I got what appears to be a bad error when I try to delete an "out"  
> element.
> In the Out view (where you see outgoing mail) I selected an item  
> and hit the "delete" button. this error window popped up and made  
> me restart Chandler. I've attached the error window.
> I got this error to repeat.
> Just thought I would  
> report.<ChandlerError.jpg>____________________________________________ 
> ___
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