[chandler-users] Chandler 1.0rc2 and 1.0 won't start after shutdown and reboot OSX

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue Aug 19 04:47:11 PDT 2008

Hi David,

Did Chandler quit by itself? Or did you give up after it hung at 10%  
for a long time.

Jeffrey, Alex ran into this issue upgrading to rc3 I think. Chandler  
hung at 10% for a looooong time, then eventually got itself going.  
After the initial long start-up, it started up fine again.


On Aug 18, 2008, at 10:21 PM, david bain wrote:

> This is my chandler.log.
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 6:44 PM, Jeffrey Harris  
> <jeffrey at osafoundation.org> wrote:
> Hi David,
> I've been working with Chandler 1.0rc2 for a few days (perhaps a  
> week).
> * I shut it down today and rebooted my machine,
> * Chandler would not start, it terminated at 10% "Opening data..."
> * So I upgraded to Chandler 1.0, this has not helped
> I've attached the crash log.
> Hmm, that's a new one to me, I think, although it's possible it's  
> connected other known bugs.
> Can you take a look at chandler.log in the Chandler profile dir and  
> see if there was a Python traceback?
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey
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