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Procter A. adam.procter at soton.ac.uk
Fri Aug 15 09:30:24 PDT 2008

Thinking out load, before heading home......

Not a big fan of the itunes browser, but I get what you mean.
I would be tempted to call the second level "tags" rather than categories so you could add more complex search saves.

So the Area is Graphic Arts
A Note saved as "Course Notes" might  be tagged as Module A, Semester 2

Then I could browse via tags and save them as tag searches you could also add filters for time periods etc.
So browsing tags for Semester 2 would show all my semester 2 stuff.

You could then predefine & store lists of tags.

Maybe rather than enter a browse mode just sort out the search options. Maybe a tag bar where you add a list of things like Mail on Mac (see attached png) and this will show them.


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Hi Adam,

Yes! There is a clear need for sub-collections. Or to put it more generally, more flexible ways to categorize and browse information.

At the same time, I think it's important that the sidebar remain a lightweight way to orient yourself by Context / Area of Responsibility (e.g. Home, Students, Course Work, Book Club, etc). In the past we've talked about adding 1 layer of hierarchy in the sidebar to more fully support this need.

But I agree that Chandler needs to expand to provide a way to categorize data and then browse that data by those categories. But I'm not sure hierarchy in the sidebar is the best way to support this need. I think something akin to the iTunes browser <http://chandlerproject.org/pub/Projects/BrowserDesign/iTunesbrowse.gif>  would be better suited to the task of browsing data by attribute. However, instead of Album Title, Artist and Genre. You might have Programme, Pathway, Timeframe and Module. Someone else might have Owner, Project, Department and Quarter.

It would also be cool to have a "shortcuts bar" or "bookmarks bar" where you can quickly define a rule:
(Programme: Graphic Arts)x(Timeframe: Semester 1) and save it as a shortcut so you have 1-click access to views you need to access often. (You could also use it to save searches.)

So there would be 3 distinct interface-affordances, each optimized for serving a different user need:
1. A Sidebar for orienting yourself in terms of high-level Contexts and Areas of Responsibility
2. A Category or Attribute Browser for browsing your data
3. A Shortcuts bar for quick access to "saved" queries

Now that I've sketched out the "ideal" design, which of course requires a lot of work, what remains is figuring out how to stage such work so that users can get their hands on the functionality, test it out and provide feedback without having to wait for the whole enchilada.


On Aug 14, 2008, at 10:40 AM, Procter A. wrote:

I think everyone is crying out for sub-collections. :D

I see it for me could work like this

Main Collection - Programme - Graphic Arts
Sub Collection  - Pathway -   Illustration & Digital Animation
Sub Sub Collection - Timeframe -   Semester 1
Sub Sub Sub Collection  - Module -   ADP Module 1

Clicking on Graphic Arts would show all notes and then for example Pathway would show only those tasks etc.

Would be great for me as I have loads of 'projects' that are interrelated.


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I also feel this need intensely, but I'm not quite sure if this is because I am trying to make Chandler fit what I have done before, instead of grokking the Chandler philosophy.

To illustrate what I think I need :

I have a collection called Work; at work I will typically have three or four engineering projects on the go; each project will involve the development of several sub-systems; and there will be numerous day-to-day tasks for each sub-system. If I am sitting at my desk, I probably want to see every bottom level item for work, sorted according to when they are required so that I know what to do next. If I am in a meeting, I may want to see just notes for a sub-system, or for the whole project, depending on the meeting.

I could create collections called Project 1, Project 2 etc, and also collections called Subsytem 1A, Subsystem 1B, Subsystem 2A, 2B etc. Then I can make a new note in Subsystem 2A, and also add it to collections Project 2, and Work. That way I can select the collection according to my current context, and see everything that relates to it - provided I keep up with manually adding things to multiple collections. I suspect this will not happen reliably. Also the list of collections grow exponentially and becomes unmanageable.

My desire from what what I am used to is to have a hierarchy of collections so that I can add notes at the lowest level (say subsystem), which would automatically be added to every parent collection.

Does that sound useful ? Or is there already a way of achieving this effect that I have not seen yet ? Or is there perhaps a better way of organising things so that the hierarchy is not necessary or desireable?


2008/8/14 John Leeming <john at jglnet.co.uk<mailto:john at jglnet.co.uk>>

Is it possible to define a collection as a sub-collection of another collection so that all tasks in the sub collection also appear in the main collection?

John Leeming
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