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Date: 2008/8/14
Subject: Re: [chandler-users] sub-collections
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I also feel this need intensely, but I'm not quite sure if this is because I
am trying to make Chandler fit what I have done before, instead of grokking
the Chandler philosophy.

To illustrate what I think I need :

I have a collection called Work; at work I will typically have three or four
engineering projects on the go; each project will involve the development of
several sub-systems; and there will be numerous day-to-day tasks for each
sub-system. If I am sitting at my desk, I probably want to see every bottom
level item for work, sorted according to when they are required so that I
know what to do next. If I am in a meeting, I may want to see just notes for
a sub-system, or for the whole project, depending on the meeting.

I could create collections called Project 1, Project 2 etc, and also
collections called Subsytem 1A, Subsystem 1B, Subsystem 2A, 2B etc. Then I
can make a new note in Subsystem 2A, and also add it to collections Project
2, and Work. That way I can select the collection according to my current
context, and see everything that relates to it - provided I keep up with
manually adding things to multiple collections. I suspect this will not
happen reliably. Also the list of collections grow exponentially and becomes

My desire from what what I am used to is to have a hierarchy of collections
so that I can add notes at the lowest level (say subsystem), which would
automatically be added to every parent collection.

Does that sound useful ? Or is there already a way of achieving this effect
that I have not seen yet ? Or is there perhaps a better way of organising
things so that the hierarchy is not necessary or desireable?


2008/8/14 John Leeming <john at jglnet.co.uk>

Is it possible to define a collection as a sub-collection of another
> collection so that all tasks in the sub collection also appear in the main
> collection?
> John Leeming
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