[chandler-users] Re: Have you experienced IMAP woes?

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Wed Aug 13 13:32:13 PDT 2008

Hi Mimi,

Here's my thinking on this.  Of course it'd be great to fix everything 
with IMAP, so patches would be welcome from the community, but in terms 
of where I think scarce staff time should go:

> *- Mail from IMAP folders get duped every time I upgrade and reload my 
> data:* https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9502

This is very bad, but unfortunately likely to be a serious time 
investment to fix.

> *- IMAP folders stop syncing if you move the Chandler Folders from where 
> they were originally created.* So I wonder if when users accidentally 
> move folders around in their email clients and/or an admin reconfigures 
> the hierarchy on the server...Chandler can no longer locate the 3 
> Chandler IMAP folders.

This is actually what I'd expect, we can't really track moved IMAP 
folders.  I'm OK with not fixing this (maybe adding something to the FAQ 
about this).

> *- Finally, there is the mysterious, Microsoft - Email users often 
> report IMAP issues*...I'm not sure if these reports are actually time 
> out issues in disguise and the frequent appearance of Microsoft products 
> in these reports is simply a reflection of market share ;)

OK, at first I thought this was too big an issue for too small a 
fraction of our userbase (of course I want to fix everything for 
everyone, but we just can't).

But, I spent a few minutes looking at past commits involving timeout. 
To my surprise, our IMAP timeout is pretty low (30 seconds).  We're 
splitting up our searches into small batches, which ought to make that 
timeout adequate (it works on many IMAP servers), but it's easy for me 
to imagine some servers taking more than 30 seconds for our queries.

I think it WOULD be worth either:

- Upping that timeout by quite a bit (I don't see a big danger here. 
Having one twisted request block for a long time shouldn't be hurting 
the rest of the app)

- Stop attempting to scan the INBOX.  This just isn't a very heavily 
used feature, now that we've got Chandler specific folders.

Doing both these things seems cheap and not very risky, so I'd support 
putting those in my or Grant's queue.


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