[chandler-users] Re: chandler-users Preferences

Liz Cademy zcademy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 12:51:09 PDT 2008

>> It's really weird, it seems, to have a menu item for something that
>> doesn't exist.  Perhaps Chandler Desktop will have some preference
>> settings some day, but why not add the menu item then?  Why is
>> preferences special as a feature?

I assume you are on a Mac ...

This is actually a fairly common problem, and it's been with the Macs  
for years.

There are programs out there where copy, cut and paste are  
meaningless, yet the commands are in the Edit menu, greyed out.

I'm no programmer (just a Mac user since 1990), but I think the Mac  
software environment automatically sets up basic menus with commands,  
It's easily possible to add to the menus, but very hard to remove  


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