[chandler-users] Having trouble loading chandler.

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Mon Aug 11 12:54:20 PDT 2008

Hi Brett,

> What did you do to export your data?  I can't seem to get Chandler to 
> load in any fashion except to "discard all my data and start with a 
> fresh repository".  I don't at this point much care the format, even a 
> simple human readable text dump of all my data would be fine.  I can 
> rebuild by hand if necessary.  Thanks.

Ouch.  This looks like: http://bugs.python.org/issue1704156

I'm at a loss as to why this would be happening on Windows 2003 and not 
Windows XP, but there we are.

Try renaming the file backup.chex and see if that fixes things for you. 
  If so, you can permanently fix this particular problem (after 
restarting) by going to:

Tools > Automatically Restore from Backup

and unchecking Enabled.


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