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genelkullanim genelkullanim at plecxus.com
Sat Aug 9 09:47:15 PDT 2008


For example check out  Privacy policy summary, item 14
"We can still hang on to your info if we change names or business 

The main reason why I would use Chandler over others(for example google 
calender)  is because  Chandler is created by  a non profit 
organization(hoping that they would be more straight forward as well) . 
Now item 14 states that one day this structure may turn into business or 
some another entity which is their right to do so. But that is not what 
I am signing up here. It is not like I would be against their right to 
make profit for their wonderful efforts. I would also support them with 
monthly or yearly donations once it is something I use. But item 14 is 
vague and its implications could be outrages in the future.  I 
personally think that if such structure change occurs they should let 
users to decide to stay with them or not. Now I understand that this 
policy change may decrease the capital value of the possible merger.  
But this is a thin line and it needs careful thinking rather than 
careful wording.

Thanks for the link I will check it out asap.


bak wrote:
> I guess they could say "your privacy is really, REALLY important" -- 
> would that be convincing?
> I read it a couple times and it actually seems pretty reasonable to 
> me.  Maybe if you want them to change it you should make a specific 
> suggestion about what you don't like or where the loopholes are.  I 
> don't think they're "carefully creating a maze of loopholes" so that 
> they can share with 3rd parties -- it seems clear that they'll request 
> that you opt IN before that happens.
> On the other hand, there's this:
> > We may release collected information if required to do so by law,
> > or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply
> > with state and federal laws (such as U.S. Copyright Law) or to
> > respond to a court order, subpoena, or search warrant. It may be
> > necessary to share collected information in order to investigate,
> > prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal 
> activities,
> > including but not limited to, fraud, potential threats to public safety
> > or the physical safety of any person, violations of our Terms of Use,
> > or as otherwise permitted by law.
> Personally I don't see how you could *not* have language like this in 
> your privacy policy, but it's for this reason that I don't use 
> Chandler Hub.  I run my own hub service on my own computer and I don't 
> give any of my data to OSAF, no matter how much I appreciate the 
> wonderful software that they write.  I don't use gmail, either.  I 
> don't put all my photos on flickr.
> It's my data and I'll keep it, I don't want anyone else looking at it 
> or getting involved.  If you give your data to someone else there's a 
> chance that someone else, sometime, will look at it and think about 
> it, irrespective of their intentions or the surrounding legalese.
> Eben Moglen gave an awesome talk on this very subject of privacy/data 
> mining/personal information, if anyone's interested: 
> http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail1897.html
> My 2c,
> --bak
> genelkullanim wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am neither a lawyer nor an expert. But I have found your privacy 
>> policy very vague. This would be the most important aspect of such 
>> service. To be honest there are many services web sites offer some 
>> form of similar accounts and services. Why shall I choose Chandler 
>> especially when it sounds like you one day vaguely delibaretly eager 
>> to give user information to some unknown future company or companies. 
>> I understand that many other company and foundation policies might be 
>> similar but to me that is just an hit and run answer. Personal 
>> privacy is very important and I personally would only choose when the 
>> service provider seems to be eager to protect it. Not that I have 
>> anything to hide but I would like to see companies and foundations 
>> are keeping higher standards when it comes to user rights and privacy.
>> I read through your privacy policy and I am yet trying to figure out 
>> what you really collect. Why would you call yourself OS foundation 
>> while you carefully create a maze of privacy loopholes to eye on 
>> personal data like many other for profit corporations to share with 
>> others?
>> Sorry if I sound like bitter and raged but I am not trying to attack 
>> Osaf or their good will. But this part of the service sounds 
>> overlooked to me. I personally would expect a non profit organization 
>> to be more clear and direct in their privacy policy language. The 
>> policy states that privacy is very imporant on the otherhand when I 
>> read it I do not feel convinced about it. Maybe it is just my reading 
>> but I would like to hear what others take on this particular matter.
>> http://chandlerproject.org/privacy
>> thanks
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