[chandler-users] Discouraging privacy policy

genelkullanim genelkullanim at plecxus.com
Fri Aug 8 22:13:43 PDT 2008


I am neither a lawyer nor an expert. But I have found your privacy 
policy very vague. This would be the most important aspect of such 
service. To be honest there are many services web sites offer some form 
of similar accounts and services. Why shall I choose Chandler especially 
when it sounds like you one day vaguely delibaretly eager to give user 
information to some unknown future company or companies. I understand 
that many other company and foundation policies might be similar but to 
me that is just an hit and run answer. Personal privacy is very 
important and I personally would only choose when the service provider 
seems to be eager to protect it. Not that I have anything to hide but I 
would like to see companies and foundations are keeping higher standards 
when it comes to user rights and privacy.

I read through your privacy policy and I am yet trying to figure out 
what you really collect. Why would you call yourself OS foundation while 
you carefully create a maze of privacy loopholes to eye on personal data 
like many other for profit corporations to share with others?

Sorry if I sound like bitter and raged but I am not trying to attack 
Osaf or their good will. But this part of the service sounds overlooked 
to me. I personally would expect a non profit organization to be more 
clear and direct in their privacy policy language. The policy states 
that privacy is very imporant on the otherhand when I read it I do not 
feel convinced about it. Maybe it is just my reading but I would like to 
hear what others take on this particular matter.



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