[chandler-users] note taking from discussion forums, blogs, and wikis

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Fri Aug 8 09:58:48 PDT 2008

Hi Jason,

Welcome to the users list. I would say that Chandler right now is  
best able to help you make the "save the document somewhere and hope  
I can find it later" part of your workflow easier.

Instead of having to invent a filing system to store all the  
discussions you're collecting, you can organize the snippets into the  
Chandler collections you're already maintaining to manage todos,  
reminders and meetings (assuming you're using Chandler for these  
kinds of things ;)

If the discussions you're collecting are relevant to the work you're  
doing, you can use the NOW-LATER-DONE Triage Status to track which  
ones are relevant now, might be relevant in the future and/or

Not sure what kind of work you're doing, but for example, if you find  
a useful discussion on "Vaccinations and other health and medical  
tips for traveling to the Amazon." You can add it to a Home  
collection you share with your family (if it's a family vacation) or  
a Travel collection (if it's a work expedition). If you know already  
that you won't begin planning your trip to the Amazon until next  
month, then you can triage the discussion to LATER with a Tickler  
alarm set for next month.

In other words, Chandler can help you bridge the gap between the  
information you're collecting and task management / calendaring.

Hope that answers your question!


On Aug 6, 2008, at 6:54 AM, Jason Lillywhite wrote:

> I would like to make my life easier when I go through an online  
> forum discussion and want to save information from the conversation  
> for later. Right now, I have to email the conversation to myself,  
> copy the text to a document, save the document somewhere and hope I  
> can find it later. Can Chandler help me with this?
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