[chandler-users] Getting Google Calendar To Subscribe To Chandler Hub

Brian Morton chandler at pomo2go.com
Thu Aug 7 23:16:03 PDT 2008

Greetings Chandler Folks (and developers),

I'm a big fan of the Chandler system (desktop to hub for me) and I've  
been impressed with the changes as we move to 1.0. Thanks very much  

I use Google Calender to check my stuff on the iPhone because then the  
iPhone is independent of the computer and because Chandler Hub does  
not work very well on the iPhone.

Anyway, Google Calendar was choking with any of the available URL's  
Chandler Hub was providing and sending an error that it could not 'get  
the url.

The solution for me was to:

What You Get From Chandler: (from the 'invite' link)

What You Want For Google:

The solution is to replace the 'https' and 'pim' in the first link  
with 'webcal' like in the second link. Then you can "add by URL" into  
google and see your collection from Chandler Hub.

This works with Apps For Your Domain and regular GMail calendars.

Hope this helps someone,


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