[chandler-users] Moving multiply items from one collection to another

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Mon Aug 4 14:47:43 PDT 2008

Hi Adam,

> I realized there's a crufty workaround, which is to use the 
> shift/control(*) modifiers when you click to start a drag. So, if I want 
> to drag five contiguous entries in the table, I click (and release) on 
> the first, and then shift-click-drag the fifth. Doing non-contiguous 
> selections requires the use of alt/control/cmd click-drag when you 
> select the last item.

My workaround for this is to just use copy and paste, but that's always 
after I carefully select 5 things and curse when I lose my selection by 
attempting to drag...  :)


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