[chandler-users] Feature Request - Week view addition in Desktop client.

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Mon Aug 4 09:38:10 PDT 2008

Thanks Jos. Would you mind logging a bug and attaching your mock-up  
to it? It'd be good to keep track of this.


On Aug 3, 2008, at 7:36 PM, Jos Yule wrote:

> Hey, i find i don't use the week view very often, and have been  
> puzzling out why that might be. I think it is because there is no  
> way to see if there are any events which don't currently show on  
> the screen. For example, lets say i've got 8am - 3pm showing on my  
> weekly view. Any events which start after 3pm are not indicated in  
> any way.
> A simple arrow, triangle, dot (in the colour of the items  
> collection) would help show that there is content which is "there"  
> but off-screen.
> I've included a mock up with the triangle and dot examples (Tuesday  
> and Wednesday). They would also have to be shown at the top of the  
> calendar for events which happen earlier then whatever time span is  
> currently being shown.
> I think this would improve the general usefulness of the week view,  
> allowing users to see which days have items which are not shown.
> Also, for bonus points, when the user rolls the pointer over the  
> triangle/dot/whatever, you could use a tool-tip to show the title/ 
> time of the items which are off screen. When clicked on, snap the  
> view to the item, and select it so that it appears in the detail/ 
> note view.
> Thanks for such a great product, and congrats on reaching (almost!)  
> 1.0!!
> jos
> ps. i know this isn't a unique idea, but i can't remember what  
> software i've used which had this feature... If anyone knows of  
> some which did this, please let me know! Its driving me crazy! :)
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