[chandler-users] Chandler on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (was Broken download link on website)

Fritz Meissner meissner.fritz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 13:17:35 PDT 2008

Thanks, I have a fresh install of Hardy Heron, but that tip did the trick.
To summarise for the benefit of anyone else who might be interested, the
steps are :

1. Download libicu36 from

Install it using GDebi Package installer (which is the default for
.deb files in Hardy).
Hardy will already have libicu38 installed, but it seems that they can co-exist.

2. Download the Chandler_linux .deb file from chandlerproject.org  and
install it in the same way.


2008/8/1 Avner Shanan <ashanan.chandler at gmail.com>

> >Am I correct in understanding that the 1.0-rc1
> > package that it offers for download will not work on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy
> Heron
> > though?
> I think that if you upgraded from an earlier version of Ubuntu there
> shouldn't be a problem (I did and had no issues, anyways).
> Alternatively you could download the needed package directly, as
> discussed here:
> http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/chandler-users/2008-May/001771.html
> Hope that helps you.
> -Avner Shanan-
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