[chandler-users] Connecting to Cosmo with CalDAV with iCal 3.0

Benjamin Zeiss ben at zeiss.net
Sat Nov 10 06:00:03 PST 2007

Hello Brian,

thank you for your answer!

Brian Moseley wrote:
>> I have two other unrelated cosmo noobie questions:
>> Is it possible to create new private or shared collections through the
>> web interface?
>> Is it somehow possible to view multiple calendars at once in the web
>> interface (using different color for each calendar)? I find these two
>> features pretty important for the web interface as my users are going
>> to primarily use lightning - i hope i just missed them.
> both of these features are in for 0.9, which is being tested for release now.

I was brave enough to upgrade to 0.9rc1 as i am currently testing only
anyway. The changes in the web interface are great. However, it is a
little inconvenient that the web interface doesn't remember what
calendars i had checked last. I basically always have to reconfigure it
the way i use it by default.

Another two questions i could not find an answer in the FAQ or wiki:
What is the current state regarding different authentication mechanisms?
For example, an authentication against JAAS would enable a lot of
different possbilities. The second question is whether it is easily
possible to disable public sign ups. I'd rather create accounts for the
users myself and a second password protection would also be no good

Best regards,

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