[chandler-users] Multiple instances of Chandler on a single XP machine

Rob James rob at aetiologic.ca
Tue Nov 6 12:11:23 PST 2007

I am trying to sort out the best way to configure Chandler for the 
following situation:

My wife and I share a XP box at home. It is my primary machine.   Her 
use of Chandler will supplement her primary Chandler desktop on her 
tablet.   Our current Chandler arrangement has me holding all of the 
family collections, and her holding only one (currently) non-published 
collection. She then subscribes (R/W) to the relevant family collections.

So, there are two questions:

1) How do I deal with two users wanting Chandler on an XP box? (Is this 
a chandler or XP question?) I see that XP has only installed itself for 
my userid, and it is not accessible for her? Do I install a second 
instance for her, or should I find some way to make the single instance 
available to both of us, and declare command line options to distinguish 
the users and associated collections?

2) Within Chandler, and for my wife's use of Chandler desktop at home, 
is it easiest to create a "dummy" account on the hub, and use that for 
her to manipulate her collections which are "owned" from a primary 
account?  Under this scenario, the secondary account never really uses 
its own accounts.

Thanks again.

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