[chandler-users] almost time to recruit a few good users...

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Wed May 16 22:42:36 PDT 2007

We're getting very close to Preview. (Yay!) To help find more bugs and 
iron out kinks, we're going to want to recruit more outside-OSAF users 
to help dogfood/test Chandler Hub and Chandler desktop.

Andre Mueninghoff, Davor Cubranic, and Alex Selkirk have been doing a 
fantastic job trying to use Chandler: reporting bugs, noting usability 
problems, and making other comments about the experience. Andre and 
Davor make comments on lists, and Alex gives feedback through Mimi.

Many thanks Andre, Davor and Alex -- your input has been invaluable. (If 
there are other similar users out there whose input is not as visible to 
me -- let me know!)

I'd like to start expanding the set of dogfooders very soon -- before 
Preview. I think the goal should be to get 10 - 15 people like Andre, 
Davor and Alex using the Hub and/or desktop (ideally both).

What has to happen *before we start recruiting* more people?
- 0.6.1 up on hub.chandlerproject.org, and all internal users migrated over
- desktop checkpoint with no "dogfood blocking" bugs
- documentation in place for moving from checkpoint to checkpoint (dump 
and reload)
- "interop" (meaning interop with other calendars and pims) wiki set up 
with information about what works and what doesn't work
- anything else missing?

Who makes a *good candidate* for a pre-preview user?
+ motivated enough by Chandler/OSAF that they are willing to put up with 
bugs and problems -- we're not at Preview yet, let alone 1.0

+ able to communicate feedback and bugs, either directly on the users 
list and in bugzilla, or through contact with someone else willing to 
participate on lists and in bugzilla (like Mimi and Alex)

+ similar enough to target users that they'll find the feature set 
interesting and useful; not blocked by missing features (if someone 
absolutely needs printing, phone synchronization or contacts to be 
regular users, they are not good candidates right now)

+ comfortable picking up checkpoints with bug fixes (and 
dumping/reloading to migrate data)

+ any other criteria we should be thoughtful of?

Steps to take to recruit users:
- I'll do an OSAF blog post
- I'm setting out to get John Lilly, one of our board members, as a 
dogfooder -- who will you recruit?
- Any other suggestions?

Thoughts appreciated.


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