[chandler-users] Re: [Chandler-dev] IRC QA session, Wednesday May 16th 11:00 AM PDT

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Wed May 16 15:51:56 PDT 2007

Hi Andre,
Thank you for taking the leap here on migrating your data to Chandler  
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

See my comments inline:

On May 16, 2007, at 3:26 PM, Andre Mueninghoff wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've migrated successfully to Chander Hub. It was a relatively  
> seamless
> process. The only very minor issues I would raise are 1) Chandler  
> (debug
> build r14228 on WinXP) is not (hasn't for awhile) displaying the  
> sharing
> type icon next to the collection name unless one selects a collection
> and then the sharing icon for only that collection is displayed (if
> there is one to display). This just means that I have to highlight
> collection names one by one to verify the unsubscribe from osaf.us and
> the publish to hub.chandlerproject.org.
Yes, it's a blocker bug currently.

> Might be good to mention this in
> the migration instructions.
Good point. If the bug is not resolved by the time we are ready to  
migrate the dogfooders we will document it clearly in the migration  
instructions. Thank you for pointing that out.

> 2) The same Chandler is not (hasn't for
> awhile) displaying the build number in the About dialogue. Might
> interfere with verification of the Chandler one is using. Maybe these
> are debug build issues only.

There is already an open bug about the version number not displaying  
in the continous builds.

Andre, can you tell me whether you are using a checkpoint build or a  
continuous build?
Or if you post the contents of your version.py that will tell us for  

> Congrats on releasing Cosmo 0.6.1 and
> EIMML. I think it would fair to characterize the difference between  
> the
> previous DAV sync speed and the new EIMML sync speed as the difference
> between impulse power and warp power. :-)
> Best regards, Andre
> On Tue, 15 May 2007 22:35:59 -0700, "Aparna Kadakia"
> <aparna at osafoundation.org> said:
>> Hello everyone,
>> This is a reminder about tomorrow's IRC QA session at 11:00 AM PDT in
>> #cosmo channel.
>> We will be focussing on getting the internal dogfooders to migrate
>> their data from osaf.us to Chandler Hub which is now on our newly
>> released Cosmo 0.6.1 release.
>> Here are the instructions for the end-users migrating their data from
>> [osaf.us+DAV] sharing to [hub.chandlerproject.org+EIM] sharing.
>> http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Projects/DavToEimMigrationUserDoc
>> Part of the objective of the test session is to also validate the
>> steps identified in the document. The document supports both a4 and
>> trunk users looking to migrate their data to the new server.
>> The Chandler Checkpoint build that is recommended in the migration
>> instructions is r14323 and can be downloaded at:
>> http://downloads.osafoundation.org/chandler/snapshots/20070515/
>> Again, we will be conducting this session in the #cosmo channel at
>> 11:00 AM PDT.
>> Thanks,
>> Aparna
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