[chandler-users] Address Book Implementation

Jerzy Jalocha jjalocha at gmail.com
Tue May 15 09:20:25 PDT 2007

Jeffrey, thank you for your detailed answer.

> It's too late for us to shift our strategy for Preview, but I for one
> would certainly like to see contacts included in our post-Preview
> feature set, I hope you'll give Chandler a try when we get there!  Or
> even better, we'd be delighted to hear about what features are "must
> haves" for you when it comes to contact management.


* We need to share contacts cross-platform, with a centralized server.

* It is probably a good idea to have a rich model for names (which
works for persons, organizations, and families) right from the start.
It would be a nightmare to have to change manually every entry later,
when switching to a richer semantic.

* One address, not necessarily with detailed fields. Just one chunk
with many lines.

* A limited set of phone numbers, which can be with fixed meaning
(home, work, fax, mobile)

* one email, one website

* maybe role and organization.

* A large field for notes, where I can store everything that doesn't
have its place, yet.


* Migration of contacts data from old to new versions. (Probably
requires manual adjustments). But there can't be any data loss.

* Chandler should allow to split contacts into different collections
(eg. technical, administrative, personal), which are visible/invisible
for different users. Some of them (personal contacts) stored locally?

* With time, we need a complete set of fields with precise meanings
(phone numbers, addresses, nicknames, birthdays, etc)

* It should allow a precise handling of different locations (arbitrary
number of homes, offices, each with address, phones, etc., maybe even
email and websites.)

* Some kind of grouping. (people that work in the same company, people
that work or live together). Situations like: A grouped with B. B
grouped with C. Search for A returns A B only, search for B returns A
B C.

* Efficient handling of locations. Company A with employees B, C, ...
Q, moves to a new address. It should be necessary to change the
address only once (A), and not for each and every employee (B, C, ...

I know, many, if not all, of these features are already planned.
Grouping looks like a key feature for rich functionality.

I haven't found an application with this feature set, so I will have
to wait patiently until Chandler gets there. I'm sure, it is worth it.

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