[chandler-users] Address Book Implementation

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Mon May 14 13:58:08 PDT 2007

Hi Jerzy,

> But what I see as a major hindrance for adoption is the lack of
> contacts management. I know, there is a 2006 SoC project which has not
> been integrated yet because of lack of time. But however crude and
> restricted, I think basic contacts is a must-have, if feasible.
> If i know that I am starting to use a system that will grow into an
> amazing and powerful application, I gladly can wait for the full
> featureset to be implemented later. I just need to cover my basic
> needs today.
> If not, I will just have to wait until a later release.

In our planning about staging features, we realized we weren't going to
have an email client powerful enough to replace most people's existing
email client (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or Outlook) by the time we wanted
to ship the upcoming release we're calling Preview.  Instead, we're
thinking of Chandler (for now) as a complement to existing mail

Our goal for Preview is to have a tight, coherent feature set that we
can think of as our first usable release.  We decided that while
contacts is an important feature, since we aren't yet an email client
replacement, we could live without contact management for now.

I'm sorry if that means we won't get to have you as an early user of
Chandler.  I appreciate your feedback that contact management is not
just important but a basic requirement for you.

It's too late for us to shift our strategy for Preview, but I for one
would certainly like to see contacts included in our post-Preview
feature set, I hope you'll give Chandler a try when we get there!  Or
even better, we'd be delighted to hear about what features are "must
haves" for you when it comes to contact management.


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