[chandler-users] Warning! qacosmo users and dogfooders...

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Thu May 10 14:22:34 PDT 2007

This did go out in another email but given the subject line was  
different I thought I would send out an explicit warning to qacosmo  

There has been a recent fix in Chandler and Cosmo with the way we  
handle recurrence modifications and that impacts the existing data in  
people's repositories.
As part that, when qacosmo was upgraded the server DB had to be  
refreshed. Also, the Chandler repositories will need to be started  
from scratch.

So in the interest of preserving your data, Please follow the  
following steps:
1. Dump all your existing data from Chandler via "File > Dump items  
to File..."
2. As a back up, also export all your collections into .ics files via  
"File -> Export "
3. Upgrade to the latest rev of Chandler
4. Reload the dump file into Chandler via "File -> Reload items from  
5. Unsubscribe all your shared collections via "Share -> Unsubscribe"
6. Republish them back on qacosmo


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