[chandler-users] IRC QA session, Wednesday June 6th 11:00 AM PDT

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Wed Jun 6 00:04:45 PDT 2007

Hello Everyone,
This is a reminder about tomorrow's collaborative QA session on IRC  
at 11:00 AM PDT in the #chandler channel.

Tomorrow we will collectively validate resolved bugs that are  
targeted for Chandler 0.7 release.

Thanks to Mikeal, we have another bot in all of the osaf channels   
called "twisted-soup" with a few new cool features.

The one we'll be using for the next QA session is called "bugzilla  
bugbash" feature. This feature keeps track of people and the bugs  
they pick to validate, keeping a simple web page for people to look  
at during any point in the session to see who has what.

The bot warns you if you take a bug that is already taken. Also it  
warns you if you try to verify a bug that you haven't taken.  This  
will help us be more productive and avoid stepping on each other.

The 2 commands to remember are :
.take <bug number>
.verify <bug number>

Here's a snippet of the bugbash session we did this afternoon

Start the bugbash;

<mikeal> .bugzilla_bugbash
<twisted-soup> starting bugbash http://people.osafoundation.org:8081/ 

The web page keeps a list of all the users that have taken bugs and  
verified bugs.

Taking ownership of a bug;

<mikeal> .take 31337
<twisted-soup> mikeal has taken 31337

Twisted-soup won't allow two people to take the same bug. Once you  
mark the bug verified you'll want to tell twisted-soup that you've  
done so.

<mikeal> .verify 31337
<twisted-soup> mikeal has verified 31337

You cannot take a bug that is already taken.

<aparna>.take 31337
<twisted-soup> sorry aparna, 31337 is already taken

Some features we're lacking are; un-taking a bug, generating a list  
of available bugs and restricting the taking of bugs to those that  
are not already verified or closed in bugzilla ( we'll probably need  
bugzilla 3.0 for this ).

* Remember this bot does not interface with Bugzilla so you will  
still need to update the bugs in Bugzilla manually *


Here's the list of resolved bugs targeted for 0.7 alpha5 and 0.7  

Open bugs assigned to Chandler 0.7 release:

Please, sort on the bug number and start with the more recent bugs.

If you haven't already, please download the latest checkpoint build  

or update your local svn sources.

If the bug is indeed fixed, change the status of the bug to  
'Verified' and put the svn revision number or the build number in the  
comments section so we know which version it was verified on.

If you are unable to verify the bug because the expected results are  
different from the actual results, then change the bug to 'Reopened'  
and again put the revision number or build number in the comments  
section. This helps the developer to debug which build or revision  
did the feature break in.


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