[chandler-users] introduction

Davor Cubranic cubranic at cs.ubc.ca
Sun Jan 21 22:49:38 PST 2007

Mitch Kapor wrote:
> Hi, I'm Mitch Kapor.  I started OSAF and I'm one of the earliest 
> dogfooders (regular users) of Chandler.  I'll be posting my triumphs 
> and frustrations as an intensive user or the product.  Right now, my 
> assistant, Esther Sun, maintains my calendar, and I subscribe to it 
> with a read-write ticket and occasionally make changes.
Hi Mitch and everybody else on the list,

I am a relatively recent dogfooder of Chandler, but a long time user of 
PIMs (Agenda, EccoPro). I'm impressed with how far Chandler has come 
already, and am looking forward to a5 and Preview. Right now, I use it 
for light calendaring and task tracking, all synced between a couple of 
machines that I use at work and at home. Chandler is just fine for these 
tasks right now, but I would like to be able to use it as a real "GTD 
filing cabinet", so that both my action and information items are in one 
place, and easy to enter, monitor, and find. I know that GTD is used to 
guide OSAF design work already, and a lot of the infrastructure seems 
already to be there under the hood in Chandler, so I've no doubt that 
this is the application I'll use for my information management more and 
more as it matures and grows in capabilities. Thanks to you and the 
entire OSAF team,


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