[chandler-users] Automatic Categorization

Benjamin Wilreker starvada at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 30 20:08:57 PST 2007

I have been using chandler in a production environment since september 
without a crash that involved data loss.

Although I have not found chandler unusable, I agree that the 
auto-organize feature being described is an important one.  I have a few 
dozen collections, and sorting them by hand is quite time consuming, to 
the extent that I often jot new tasks on paper as they come to mind in 
order to be added to chandler when I have enough time to sort them 
properly.  This is becoming quite cumbersome. 

The second major problem I have is that my repository has gotten so big 
that chandler now takes over three minutes to load.  My collection "to 
do" lists are getting long and hard to organize without the ability to 
set multiple sort parameters (sort by now, later, done; then sort by 
tickle date/time for example).  I find the dashboard virtually useless 
with over 200 "later" items in a several page long and virtually 
unsortable list.

Mimi suggested several months ago that we should have several different 
versions of "later" such as "later this week," "later this month", et 
cetera.  I think that the "now" and "later" fields should be able to be 
defined by the user.  I would love to have a "later this semester" field 
for example, while I cannot imagine such a field having value to someone 
in an office environment.  If this feature were user definable, there 
would need to be a way to tell chandler to sort the fields coherently 
(i.e., "later this semester" comes after "later this month")  Such 
features would help my sort problems immensely.

I know there are bugs for most of these issues.  Can someone clarify 
which bugs osa views to be action items right now?


Benjamin Wilreker
Department of Human Behavior
College of Southern Nevada
research at indril.com

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