[chandler-users] Collection organization, or subcollections

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Fri Dec 21 13:20:43 PST 2007

Hi Mikolai,

> First off, I really appreciate the thought and hard work put into making
> Chandler a great product.  I am new to the GTD scene, so if my questions
> are anti-GTD please enlighten me!

Thanks, there has been lots of hard work.  I don't think you need to
worry about being pro- or anti-GTD, we'll be satisfied if we can help
you get your work done!

> This strategy would help me keep my focus on the appropriate scope.  For
> example, at work I would never need to go above the Work Dashboard.  I
> recall reading something about Chandler and subcollections, but I cannot
> find it again.  Are there any thoughts on this feature/strategy?  Thanks!

This is an oft-requested feature, but unfortunately it's not yet
available in Chandler.

The plan isn't actually to provide hierarchical folders, but instead to
implement a superset of that functionality: allow users to define
different contexts that include many different, possibly overlapping,

As things stand now, unfortunately, there are a few holes in this plan.
 You can "overlay" multiple collections, but you have to manually manage
this every time you want to change your overlays, you can't just switch
from "Home" context to "Work" context.  Worse, overlays don't yet work
in the table view, only in the calendar view.

For now, my sense is that people who are using Chandler heavily make do
by creating the subcollections you describe, then manually adding items
to both the subcollection and the parent collection.

So, for instance, if you have these collections:

Project 1
Project 2

You might create an item in Project 2, then add that item to both
Research and Work.

You do have to do this by hand right now, though, and there's no visual
indication in the UI that for you, all Project 1 items are also Research
items.  Still, this approach works surprisingly well.

Despite the fact that we have a workaround for the lack of this kind of
functionality, in my personal use of Chandler, this occasionally trips
me up.  I'll forget to add an item to my personal calendar (which my
girlfriend watches avidly) after creating it in my "personal projects"
collection.  So I'm really looking forward to enhancing our context
management features in Chandler.

I hope that answers your question!

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