[chandler-users] Building Chandler without Lucene (was: Praise, Complaints and Questions, Oh my!)

Travis Vachon travis at osafoundation.org
Tue Dec 11 10:31:58 PST 2007

> I don't think we have a breakdown of what uses how much but Chandler  
> launches a Python interpreter (of course), a Java VM (for Lucene)  
> and a bunch of components (wxWidgets, Lucene, M2Crypto, BerkeleyDB,  
> etc...). Some are small but some are quite resource needy (Lucene in  
> particular). So far, we privileged a "use existing components and  
> add features" approach rather than a "be as nimble as possible"  
> approach. That gives us pretty impressive features like: you can use  
> the Lucene syntax (in the Quick Entry widget in the toolbar) to make  
> very complex searches. I agree that this is a debatable option but  
> it served us rather well so far.

This got me thinking:

I don't use the Lucene functionality explicitly (that is, by doing  
searches in Chandler) often enough to justify really any extra  
resources. How difficult would it be to build Chandler without Lucene?  
Would this allow me to not start a JVM?

Resource usage is by far my #1 blocker on regular usage of Chandler.  
Because I spend my day running a Java server, Firefox with many tabs,  
Mail.app and the occasional Parallels VM I simply don't have the  
system resources to keep Chandler open in the background. This means I  
need to fire up Chandler every time I want to use it, which means I'm  
rarely looking at Chandler, which means I'm rarely entering  
information in Chandler. Being able to have Chandler running in the  
background all the time would be a huge win.


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