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Fri Dec 7 14:06:22 PST 2007


My answers below:

On 05Dec, 2007, at 11:15, Sheila Mooney wrote:

> Our Preview release has been out for several months now and we have  
> received some great feedback some of which has already been  
> implemented as bug fixes and improvements to the product. Thanks to  
> everyone who has tried out Chandler so far!
> We thought it was time for a brief survey so we could get a better  
> sense of how people are using Chandler and tease out some of the  
> biggest barriers for full adoption. Some questions we would like to  
> have answered...
> 1. Do you use the Desktop app, Chandler Hub web app and/or running  
> your own instance of Chandler Server?
desktop app 99% of the time
> 2. Are you using the app just as a calendar or are you taking  
> advantage of the task features?
mostly as calendar, we're trying to use it to plan the Holiday Party
> 3. Are you using other applications with Chandler Hub / Chandler  
> Server? e.g. Apple iCal, Evolution, Sunbird/Lightening, etc.?
> 4. Are you using Chandler for home or work? Do you use it for  
> managing personal tasks and calendars or with a group or both?
mostly for work; home calendar is too complicated to switch at the  
> 5. Are you sharing just Calendars or lists of Tasks and Notes as well?
just calendars for now, we're just starting to use it to share tasks/ 
notes for Holiday Party Planning.
> 6. Do you run Chandler Desktop on multiple machines and "share with  
> yourself"?
right now, it's just on one machine, but I may try to share with  
myself across multiple machines, but that would involve re-subscribing  
to 6 different collections
> 7. If you could pick one feature to have implemented, what would it  
> be?
not sure if this counts as a feature, but I would LOVE to be able to  
schedule conference rooms via Chandler.  I remember seeing a  
discussion a week or two ago and it seemed complicated.
> 8. What top 3 bugs do you think are the most important to fix?
I don't know if these are necessarily bugs or feature requests, but  
here goes:
  - sometimes, when I try to delete an item, it won't go away.  It  
does go away if I select the item and drag it into the Trash collection
  - when I need to add a new appointment, and there is already another  
appointment in that spot (not necessarily in the same collection)  
clicking in the time slot where I need to add the new appointment will  
select the appointment already there, but it won't let me add another  
item on top of it.  So what I end up doing now is I add the  
appointment in a random open slot, and then move it.  This isn't  
awful, but when I need to do a lot of calendaring and adding/deleting/ 
moving appointments, it does get kind of tedious.
  - It would be great if the application was a little faster - when I  
add new items, sometimes it takes a few minutes for the "new event"  
box to show up, and sometimes a single click will do while other  
times, I need to click multiple times.  Sometimes, I double click and  
I end up with two events, and then I can't delete them without  
dragging them into the trash collection.  It could be that my  
collection is too big which would make it slow too...
> 9. Is there any documentation/information you were looking for but  
> couldn't find?
no - but I also haven't looked much.
> Thanks,
> Sheila


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