[chandler-users] Praise, Complaints and Questions, Oh my!

Drew Jensen drewjensen.inbox at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 11:36:14 PST 2007

>> - Even *simple* contact management is in my opinion, absolutely 
>> necessary. Just enough to enter vital information & hopefully sort 
>> into groups. If a contact management piece does mature, it would be 
>> neat to be able to view all events corresponding to that contact in a 
>> list view.
> That's a big one. There's a plugin for it but it's very experimental 
> (see http://chandlerproject.org/Journal/ContactProject). I haven't 
> tried it in a while and I'd be surprised if it worked with 0.7.3. 
> That'd be a significant project for someone to tackle. We have some 
> record in Bugzilla of course to track this (bug 5235).

In case anyone else wants to take a look at this - I could not get the 
source code for this plug in using the address on the wiki page, but was 
able to do a checkout of the code from:

Just downloaded it, so haven;t had a chance to try anything with it yet.

Question - Am I correct in my reading of the wiki page that the 
developer has left OSAF and this code is looking for someone to take it 



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