[chandler-users] Chandler User Survey

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Wed Dec 5 23:48:26 PST 2007

On Dec 5, 2007 11:15 AM, Sheila Mooney <sheila at osafoundation.org> wrote:

> 1. Do you use the Desktop app, Chandler Hub web app and/or running your own
> instance of Chandler Server?

Hub. I might run my own instance someday if I want to add features
that aren't going to make it into the main codebase.

> 2. Are you using the app just as a calendar or are you taking advantage of
> the task features?

I use both events and tasks heavily.

> 3. Are you using other applications with Chandler Hub / Chandler Server?
> e.g. Apple iCal, Evolution, Sunbird/Lightening, etc.?

I do interoperability testing with every client. when I need to create
an event with a complex recurrence rule that the web UI doesn't
support, I create it in iCal with CalDAV.

> 4. Are you using Chandler for home or work? Do you use it for managing
> personal tasks and calendars or with a group or both?

both home and work, but I don't share with anybody.

> 5. Are you sharing just Calendars or lists of Tasks and Notes as well?


> 6. Do you run Chandler Desktop on multiple machines and "share with
> yourself"?

I have used the application in this way for testing, but I don't do
that in daily usage.

> 7. If you could pick one feature to have implemented, what would it be?

per-user access controls for items and collections

> 8. What top 3 bugs do you think are the most important to fix?

don't have bug numbers for any of these. not sure if bugs even exist for them.

1) per-user access control for items and collections
2) "single item view" - this would open up many avenues of integration
with other applications
3) subscribing to remote calendars

> 9. Is there any documentation/information you were looking for but couldn't
> find?

it's an awful chore to find developer documentation of any kind from
chandlerproject.org. I had to make a custom wiki sidebar with links to
all of the pages I visit frequently, such as protocol specifications,
because I can't find my way to the cosmo developer home page from the
front of the wiki.

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