[chandler-users] Chandler User Survey

Poojan Wagh poojanwagh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 20:46:05 PST 2007

> 1. Do you use the Desktop app, Chandler Hub web app and/or running your own
> instance of Chandler Server?

I use Hub for my home collections, and run Server at work. I run
Desktop at home and work.

> 2. Are you using the app just as a calendar or are you taking advantage of
> the task features?

Since everyone else is using Exchange for calendaring, I am mainly
taking advantage of the task features.

> 3. Are you using other applications with Chandler Hub / Chandler Server?
> e.g. Apple iCal, Evolution, Sunbird/Lightening, etc.?

I did use Sunbird/Lightening for a while. The nice thing about
Lightening is that it can accept Outlook invites and store them in a
Caldav calendar (i.e. Chanlder Server). So, it was an easy way to get
my external calendar events (invites) into Chandler.

> 4. Are you using Chandler for home or work? Do you use it for managing
> personal tasks and calendars or with a group or both?

The idea was for both. I had 3 collections at work:
Home at Work
The 1st two appeared in my work dashboard. At home I had:
Home at Work -- home-related tasks I could do at work
Home -- home-related tasks I could only do at home.
both of which appeared in my dashboard.
This way, either at home or at work, I could easily see (in the
Dashboard) which tasks I could do.

> 5. Are you sharing just Calendars or lists of Tasks and Notes as well?

Lists & tasks (but by sharing, I mean only with myself at home/work).

> 6. Do you run Chandler Desktop on multiple machines and "share with
> yourself"?

Yes. See #5.

> 7. If you could pick one feature to have implemented, what would it be?

Printing! Chandler seems to assume that you are always going to be at
a computer and have your task list available to you. This is a major
disconnect with how people work. (I am actually at my desk rather
often, and I still find being I am disconnected from my task list
often; imagine how sales and frequent travelers feel.)

> 8. What top 3 bugs do you think are the most important to fix?

Well, it's not a bug (yet), but printing. Also, secure tunneling
through http proxies. This would allow me to access Home tasks at

> 9. Is there any documentation/information you were looking for but couldn't
> find?

A good explanation (with examples) of how to use Chandler. Mimi
recently posted this in response to my question on this list, but I
think there there should be something more accessible (and more
tangible than the "vision" explanation on the wiki).

> Thanks,
> Sheila
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