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I just want to quickly say that over the last year Chandler has evolved from
being a curiosity that I would put reference documents into that I wanted to
easily find later to an absolutely essential part of my day. I used to say
that I didn't know how I was able to function before I got my first palm
pilot, which changed everything by making contact and meeting info available
away from my computer. I still don't know, but I don't think anyone cares.


Luckily, I can still remember how I functioned before I got Chandler -
flagged emails, a paper notebook where I constantly re-wrote and re-ordered
lists of tasks, and numerous attempts with different software note/task
managers that all failed as soon as I added more than a few dozen items to


Now I use Chandler on a moment by moment basis every day to capture random
thoughts and tasks as they come to me, to triage them and more and more
often, to share them with friends, family and the people I work with. Thanks
everyone for all of your hard work - I haven't made enough noise on this
list before now, but hopefully I can make up for it.


Answers in-line below


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Our Preview release has been out for several months now and we have received
some great feedback some of which has already been implemented as bug fixes
and improvements to the product. Thanks to everyone who has tried out
Chandler so far!


We thought it was time for a brief survey so we could get a better sense of
how people are using Chandler and tease out some of the biggest barriers for
full adoption. Some questions we would like to have answered...


1. Do you use the Desktop app, Chandler Hub web app and/or running your own
instance of Chandler Server?


[AS] Desktop app, occasionally hub web app


2. Are you using the app just as a calendar or are you taking advantage of
the task features?

[AS] task and calendar


3. Are you using other applications with Chandler Hub / Chandler Server?
e.g. Apple iCal, Evolution, Sunbird/Lightening, etc.?

[AS] No


4. Are you using Chandler for home or work? Do you use it for managing
personal tasks and calendars or with a group or both?

[AS] Home and Work. Both personal and shared, tasks and calendars.


5. Are you sharing just Calendars or lists of Tasks and Notes as well?

[AS] Sharing tasks and group edited notes as well as calendars.


6. Do you run Chandler Desktop on multiple machines and "share with

[AS] Yes, between a desktop and a laptop.


7. If you could pick one feature to have implemented, what would it be?

[AS] Not sure how big a "feature" you were looking for, but the biggest
missing piece for me would be getting chandler on to my smartphone somehow,
and maybe there's a cheaper way to do it then developing a mobile client or
a mobile web site. Key scenarios are 

1. creating a new item when I'm not in front of my computer, which could be
resolved with some sort of email-it-to-chandler or sms-it-to-chandler
feature. (Currently I send myself an email from my phone and move it over
when I get back to my computer.)

2. calendar/event reminders, which maybe could be resolved by sending sms or
email OUT to my phone as an "alert" - this seems uglier than 1.

3. recalling arbitrary notes or item details.this is trickier to do on the
cheap I suspect, but being able to select items to "send to phone" would be
a step in the right direction.

I could probably list off a decent number of little nice-to-have's, but none
are critical. Here are a couple:


I would love to see how many unread items are in a collection in the left
sidebar. I often don't notice for a while that someone has made a change if
I don't go into that collection for a while. 


We're starting to run into issues in multi-user editing scenarios where it's
tricky to tell who wrote what, or where someone changed an item, but are
working around it with "Name: blah blah" type editing for now. 


8. What top 3 bugs do you think are the most important to fix?

[AS] I can't imagine that the following are "the most important to fix" by
any stretch, but they are ones that I personally notice on a fairly regular
basis. None are critical.

For some reason I get errors from my mail syncs on a fairly regular basis,
and haven't had a lot of luck in general with items I've dropped into my
imap chandler folders getting pulled into the dashboard. I need to file a
bug on that. 

I still occasionally try to create a new item with "/" and get blocked
because Chandler thinks I'm trying to use an unknown command:

I still occasionally get dates attached to items I create because words get
interpreted as dates:



9. Is there any documentation/information you were looking for but couldn't

[AS] Haven't looked for much documentation yet.





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