[chandler-users] Connecting to Cosmo with CalDAV with iCal 3.0

Benjamin Zeiss ben at zeiss.net
Wed Dec 5 14:58:49 PST 2007


something regarding free-busy support:

Benjamin Zeiss wrote:
>> I wasn't aware that Lightning and Sunbird had any free-busy support.
>> I'll have to look into that.
> It seems i was only half right. I checked again and i could only find
> references to free/busy support for the Sun Java Calendar Server. I
> found this bugzilla report:
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=398975

They have closed this bug as fixed with a comment somwhere that they
think that it works only with the Apple Server. I am not sure though
whether they even tried this against Cosmo. I installed the last nightly
build of Lightning on my machine, but i couldn't even figure out what i
should enter in the attendees field. Pasting the dav URL from the
account manager doesn't seem to be the right solution (and it does
work) as the same field is also used by Lightning for sending mails to
the attendees. So i guess this field is somehow expected to be an E-Mail
address, but somehow there must be a mapping from e-mail to calendar URL
i would guess.

Best regards,

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